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4 Tips On Winter Preparedness And Aphasia

Winter weather may bring seasonal enjoyment to many around the world, but winter weather is also twice as dangerous as the summer heat according to the to CDC. And when a condition like aphasia or brain injury is involved, it adds a unique level of risk to the common types of winter accidents. That’s why…

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5 Podcasts For Anyone Living With Aphasia

Podcasts have been growing in popularity for years since the medium’s inception in the early 2000s. In 2006, 22% of adults in the U.S. were aware of podcasting. Today, that percentage has climbed to 78%. If you can think of a topic, there is likely a podcast (or several) that covers it — and podcasts…

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Lingraphica Device Update Makes Personalization Faster And Easier

Lingraphica communication devices help thousands of individuals around the world practice their speech, achieve their goals, and regain independence. We believe in the benefits provided by our AAC devices, and we’re always working hard to see how we can provide an even better experience. Lingraphica update 2.13 introduces exciting new features to our communication devices.…

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A Note About Our Community Inclusion Meetup

At Lingraphica, it is our genuine privilege to serve many speech-language communities. One of our proudest achievements is Virtual Connections — our free online aphasia support group. These daily online meetups for people with aphasia and their families provide a unique place to connect, learn, and grow. Hundreds of individuals have taken part in Virtual…

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How To Get An AAC Device

Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) comes in many shapes, sizes, and levels of complexity. No-tech and low-tech AAC — such as gestures and communication boards — can help many people with their needs. But there are also cases where high-tech AAC might be a more appropriate fit. People with speech or language impairments caused by…

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Best Free Online Reading Resources For Adults

By guest author: Devin Fisher, M.S., CCC-SLP I want people to know that there are resources out there at no cost that may be helpful relative to using and working on literacy skills. It’s important to engage regularly in reading activities, as there is a strong relationship between literacy skills and other cognitive-communication skills. So,…

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Coping With A Primary Progressive Aphasia Diagnosis

What Is Primary Progressive Aphasia? Primary progressive aphasia — or PPA — is a health condition that differs from other types of aphasia. Unlike PPA, aphasia is caused by events such as stroke or traumatic brain injury. PPA is a neurological syndrome in which the language centers of the brain degenerate over time. When aphasia…

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The Causes Of Aphasia And What Makes Them Different

Even though aphasia affects millions of Americans, most people have not heard of it, at least by name. The acquired communication disorder affects a person’s ability to process, use, and/or understand language. If that description of aphasia sounds similar to what you know about those who have had a stroke, that’s because it’s the same…

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