How Lingraphica AAC Device Funding Works

During a Lingraphica device trial, we’ll work with you and your speech-language pathologist to determine if a permanent AAC device is right for you. At this point, there’s still usually one big question: How much does this cost?

Extensive Insurance Coverage

Lingraphica speech-generating devices are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, VAs, commercial insurance, and others. We also offer flexible payment and financial assistance options for any out-of-pocket expenses.

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“Great product and support. This will be a life changer for my loved one and the rest of the family.”
– Caregiver of a device user

Funding Options for Assistive Communication Devices

The following providers commonly cover most or even the entire cost of a Lingraphica speech-generating device depending on your coverage.



Private Insurance
Veteran’s Administrations (VAs)
Alternate Funding

Young Adults and Children

Private Insurance
Alternate Funding

A Lending Hand

If the entire cost of your device isn’t covered or you need assistance with out-of-pocket expenses, we’ll help you explore options like:

  • Care Credit
  • United Medical Credit
  • Financial Assistance
  • Interest-Free Payment Plans

If you have any questions or concerns about funding, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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Son working with mother on a TouchTalk

Lingraphica Will Be There With You Every Step of The Way

Our team will guide you through the process from start to finish, including:

  • Verifying medical coverage
  • Making sure insurance requirements are met
  • Working directly with patients who do not already have a speech therapist
  • Getting the necessary forms completed and submitted
  • Communicating with your healthcare team and insurers on your behalf

Simple Communication Devices
That Offer So Much More

Because no two people are alike, Lingraphica AAC devices make it easy
for people of various ages and a wide range of abilities to communicate.

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What You’ll Get With A Lingraphica AAC Device

  • 4 Ways to Communicate

  • Built-In Therapy and Exercises

  • Popular Apps and Tools

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