The Lingraphica Certification Program (LCP) is a free, self-paced, ASHA-accredited program that provides SLPs with a Lingraphica loaner device and the training to use Lingraphica technologies for people with aphasia and other communication disorders. SLPs will learn to work collaboratively with Lingraphica to optimize outcomes for their clients.

  • Earn the designation Certified Lingraphica Technology Specialist.
  • In-depth training on all of Lingraphica’s technologies including Talk, Type, Draw, Therapy, Media, News, Connect, and Community!
  • Earn up to 3.6 ASHA CEUs
  • Access to a Lingraphica loaner device to use in your practice as a therapy tool and to introduce AAC to your clients.
  • Connect with other SLPs through monthly Clinical Rounds sessions.
  • Engage with the LCP Community through the LCP FaceBook page.
  • Impact the future of Lingraphica technologies by providing feedback.

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The Lingraphica Certification Program is for practicing SLPs (CFs welcome) within the United States.

LCP is for practicing SLPs, but Lingraphica offers a separate student program. To register for the Lingraphica Student Certification Program click here.

SLPs will complete three hours of recorded coursework, and a minimum of nine hours of “self-study” courses — hands-on time using our technology. In order to complete the program, you must be a practicing SLP with patients on caseload that may benefit from Lingraphica’s technologies. All courses are free and eligible for ASHA CEUs.

Please contact the program coordinator by email at or schedule a time to talk here.

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