Healthcare Professionals and Lingraphica

AAC isn’t just for SLPs

Lingraphica’s education, resources, and technology helps healthcare professionals improve communication with their patients, improving medical outcomes and patient success.

AAC training is important for nurses, social workers, and other healthcare professionals as they play a critical role in maximizing patient success with AAC.

How Lingraphica Partners with Healthcare Professionals

Free Education Opportunities

We hosted four live courses covering everything from overcoming communication barriers to using high-tech AAC in various healthcare settings. Watch the four recordings below.

Free Healthcare Professional Resources

We have developed free downloadable resources to help you incorporate AAC into your sessions with your patients and give you the tools you need to successfully communicate with your patients with aphasia.

Complete the form to gain access to visual aids to help with mental health screenings, tools to facilitate conversations, and more!


At-Home Device Trials for You and Your Client

Incorporating high-tech AAC into your practice will help you understand your client’s goals and needs. If your client is not currently receiving speech therapy and would still like to try a device, you can help them get started with free at-home trial.

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How Can A Device Help My Client?

AAC devices have many benefits that have been shown both in research and in the success stories told by device users and their families. The most immediate benefit is improved communication, which is associated with:

Increased independence for everyday activities

Ability to better participate in day-to-day life

Fewer communication breakdowns

Better connection with family and friends

AAC devices also provide therapeutic benefits. Simply using a device has been shown to improve language skills and many individuals experience an increase in verbal speech. Lingraphica AAC devices also offer activities, videos, and quizzes that can improve speech and cognition.

Finally, AAC devices are beneficial to the user’s caregiver and family members since it allows the user to be more independent and reduces the burden on others.

Lingraphica Can Help

Lingraphica offers free one-on-one consultations for healthcare professionals who have someone on caseload who might be a good fit for an AAC device but aren’t entirely sure where to start. Call us at 866-570-8775 or visit the link below to get started.

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