John Fetterman and Wife Gisele Barreto

Understanding Aphasia And John Fetterman

On Tuesday, October 25, Senate candidates John Fetterman and Mehmet Oz faced off in a televised debate. Fetterman suffered a stroke in May of this year, and Tuesday’s debate put his post-stroke effects on full display. Politics do not always bring out the best in us. On social media, many were quick to judge Fetterman’s…

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truck driving through flood

How AAC Users Can Prepare For An Emergency

Disasters and emergencies interrupt the lives of millions of people every year. In 2021, more than 400 disastrous events related to natural hazards occurred, affecting 100 million people and causing more than 10,000 deaths. These numbers don’t even consider other isolated emergencies, such as house fires. Certain populations, like those who depend on AAC devices,…

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collage photo stroke onward gabby giffords and bruce willis

Aphasia News Roundup Summer 2022

12-Year-Old Little League Pitcher Returns Home After Traumatic Brain Injury Anthony Labin, a 12-year-old from New Jersey, is back home and recovering after being hit by a line drive on July 11 during a Little League game. The accident left the boy with aphasia, but reports say “he has made remarkable progress.” See Story Cross-Country…

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Lingraphica’s Michael Bord Talks To Univision About Aphasia

Aphasia In The News After the recent news broke about Bruce Willis’ diagnosis of aphasia, more and more people have been asking, “What is aphasia?” We had the opportunity to speak about aphasia and its impact on those diagnosed with it, their loved ones, and what resources Lingraphica has to offer to the Spanish-speaking community…

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senior couple sitting with backs to camera outdoors

Navigating The Primary Progressive Aphasia Stages

Unlike many of the more common types of aphasia, primary progressive aphasia (PPA) is a type of frontotemporal dementia. As it’s a type of dementia, PPA cannot be cured. In general, it’s thought to be rare. It’s also likely that many people go undiagnosed due to unfamiliarity surrounding the condition, in addition to the often…

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touch talk and touchtalk plus devices

What Makes Lingraphica’s TouchTalk Plus Stand Out

In 2011, we launched our midsize tablet called the TouchTalk. In the 10-plus years since, it has become our most popular communication device. We’re thrilled at how the TouchTalk has helped individuals with a variety of speech and language impairments to improve their communication, speech, and quality of life. Over the last decade, the TouchTalk…

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two people sitting on couch playing with cellphones

4 Word Games For Aphasia Online

At their core, games are meant to be fun. But just because games are fun, doesn’t mean that they can’t be helpful tools. Games have the potential to educate, to connect, and to rehabilitate. We’ve compiled a short list of free games online to consider for people with aphasia, their caregivers, and their friends. Wordle…

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