Because Not Being Able to Speak Doesn’t Mean You Have Nothing to Say

Lingraphica AAC devices (or speech-generating devices) for autism improve communication for autistic people of all ages. The device can help express a wider range of words, thoughts, and emotions than with speech and gestures alone.

Easy to Use and Easy to Personalize

With little or no training, you can easily add icons, words, images, scripts, stories, and videos. We make it easier and faster to learn new hobbies, socialize with friends, connect with family, and gain independence.

  • Easily add or edit icons, words, or phrases with a few simple clicks.
  • Create scripts and messages to connect with friends.
  • Make your own social stories to illustrate how to manage new situations, self-advocate, and more.
  • Use video modeling to teach new skills.

A Device That Can Grow Alongside You

From the first day of school to the start of a new job, Lingraphica AAC devices can evolve alongside you throughout the stages of your life.

Lingraphica Devices Are Powered By Hub

All Lingraphica devices are powered by Hub and offer four ways to express yourself. Hub is a comprehensive new solution that brings communication, therapy, and community to a simple platform. It empowers people with diverse communication needs to express themselves and connect with the world around them. Through four new and innovative apps, users can easily create cards to express their thoughts and needs in Talk, create messages on the fly in Type, communicate visually in Draw, and look back with loved ones in Media.

Simple Communication Devices
That Offer So Much More

Because no two people are alike, Lingraphica AAC devices make it easy
for people of various ages and a wide range of abilities to communicate.

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Lifetime Support.

Try A Device at Home 

We’ll send you a device to try from the comfort of home. Work with your speech therapist or ours to decide if it’s right for you. There’s no obligation to purchase.

Extensive Insurance Coverage

Covered by Medicaid*, commercial insurance, and others. We also offer financial assistance for out-of-pocket expenses.

A Lifetime of Support

The device is simple and easy to use. But should you ever need help, we’re available to answer questions and provide training so you can get more from your device.

*Coverage varies by state.

One Powerful All-In-One Device, Three Different Sizes

Our newest device.

A large tablet with a brilliant display and plenty of storage.

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Our most popular device.

A mid-size tablet with excellent battery life and portability.

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Our smallest device.

A small tablet that is ultra-portable and extremely lightweight.

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