Lingraphica Student Certification Program

The Lingraphica Student Certification Program has been created especially for graduate students, to prepare you for working with Lingraphica’s technologies in your clinical placements and careers. By completing this program, you’ll gain knowledge and confidence in our technologies and their clinical implementation. Not only that, you’ll also be joining the Lingraphica community, with the opportunity to network with practicing SLPs. Plus, we think it looks nice on a resume.

The Lingraphica Student Certification Program curriculum consists of:

Step 1: Watch a live or recorded webinar geared toward graduate SLP students.
Step 2: Observe a Virtual Connections session.
Step 3: Complete a hands on TalkPath News/TalkPath Therapy project.
Step 4: Complete a device customization demo with one of our Clinical Educators. You can even request to have a device sent to you for some hands on experience.

To enroll in the Lingraphica Student Certification Program, please fill out the form below.