TalkPath News is Lingraphica’s specialized news source for people with aphasia and other communication impairments. Built for an adult audience that benefits from simplified language, it’s an easy way to incorporate current events into your speech-language and cognitive therapy plans.

With TalkPath News, therapists can select a current event news story from a range of categories including: National, World, Business, Education, Entertainment, Health & Lifestyle, Science & Technology and History. Using TalkPath News, you can:

  • Read or listen to the news story as it is reads aloud.
  • Follow the news article as sentences are highlighted.
  • Answer auditory and reading comprehension questions at the end of the story.
  • Share the story via social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Using the platform’s features listed above, here are eight ways you can use TalkPath News to target your client’s therapy goals.

8 Ways to Incorporate TalkPath News in Your Therapy Sessions

  • Improve sustained focus and attention and topic maintenance for communicative interactions.
  • Improve auditory processing, auditory comprehension, and reading comprehension skills.
  • Improve verbal expression and word retrieval skills for functional communication.
  • Aim to improve your client’s short-term memory and recall skills by answering comprehension questions accurately.
  • Use the forward and reverse buttons to review particular portions of the article’s sequence and describe the events in a news story.
  • Ask your clients about the article and spark conversations.
  • Using the social media buttons located at the bottom of each story, encourage your clients to share the stories of interest with their social networks. This can also spark social media conversations and interactions.
  • Create an account in TalkPath Therapy and assign your clients articles from the clinical dashboard to complete HEP (Home Exercise Program) activities. In addition to the TalkPath News articles, you can also use TalkPath Therapy to assign more than 11,500 speech, language, and cognitive exercises.

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