Every setting has its unique challenges – and unique opportunities. Check out how Lingraphica can help you excel at AAC, regardless of where you work. 

Elderly man using an AAC communication board

Acute and Inpatient Rehab

When you work in the acute and inpatient rehab settings, you don’t get much time with most of your patients. This can make AAC feel off-limits, but giving your patients a reliable way to communicate as soon as possible is empowering – for them and you.  

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Home Health

Rushing from home to home and eating lunch in your car? The life of a home health SLP can feel nonstop, and fitting in AAC for your patients can feel overwhelming.  

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Caregiver Webinar
Speech-language pathologist with her patient

Skilled Nursing Facility

Working in a skilled nursing facility, you can really get to know your patients – which is great for AAC success. However, getting AAC for your patients might not be as easy as you wish it were.  

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The outpatient setting is one of the most common times to start an AAC device trial. The patient’s health has stabilized, and you have your patients on caseload long enough to dive deeper into AAC use.  

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When you work in schools, you might feel like you’re drowning in paperwork while trying to service a large caseload and juggle your students, teachers, parents and administration. Where does AAC fit in with all of that going on? 

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Lingraphica Can Help

Lingraphica can help you become an AAC expert, whatever your setting. Schedule a free personalized device demo where we can discuss your specific challenges and opportunities.

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