The outpatient setting is one of the most common times to start an AAC device trial. The patient’s health has stabilized, and you have your patients on caseload long enough to dive deeper into AAC use.

Patients who use the device in session, but don’t seem to be carrying use over into everyday life.

Our team is ready to help you identify participation goals for your patient. Get unlimited personal support from one of our SLPs, ready to help you personalize the device to maximize engagement.

Lack of visibility into the patient’s day-to-day life when they’re not in therapy.

Whether you need help getting communication partners involved or setting meaningful life participation goals, we’ve got a CEU course that will help.


Communication partners don’t always come to therapy sessions.

During a device trial, let Lingraphica provide additional training and support between sessions to encourage generalization – for both the patient and communication partner.

Lack of time for the documentation and paperwork needed to obtain high-tech AAC.

When you’re ready to get a permanent device for your patient, Lingraphica’s paperwork is as fast and easy as possible. Complete the report online, with help from our template and personalized support from our documentation specialists.

Tips for Outpatient

  • Involve family: Set the expectation that a communication partner attends sessions with the patient and learns to use the device 
  • Anticipate needs: Find out what the patient has going on between your sessions, and set up the device for success 
  • Role play: Practice ordering food, chatting with a family member, or playing cards with friends 
  • Assign homework: Encourage your patient to use the device every day between sessions 
  • Lean on Lingraphica. Your clinical consultant can provide personalized tips and suggestions, and work with your patient directly between sessions for additional support. 

Lingraphica Can Help

Lingraphica can help you become an AAC expert, whatever your setting. Schedule a free personalized device demo where we can discuss your specific challenges and opportunities.

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