Welcome to the Lingraphica Certification Program 

We’re excited you’ve decided to join us! You are on your way to becoming a Lingraphica Certified Technology Specialist – an elite group of SLPs who are proficient in Lingraphica’s technologies and work closely with Lingraphica to optimize outcomes for people with aphasia and other communication impairments.

The 3 Steps to Becoming an LCP Member 

Step 1: Watch the Conquering AAC Webinar Series

Conquering AAC is a three-part series that will give you a thorough foundation in Lingraphica’s AAC devices and clinical implementation with your patients. You will earn 3 hours of ASHA CEU credit by completing the whole series. Please make sure to watch each course:

  • Part 1: Getting Started with Lingraphica and AAC
  • Part 2: Clinical Practices for a Successful AAC Device Trial
  • Part 3: Putting AAC Concepts Into Practice

Please note: If you have already completed these courses, you don’t need to complete them again. Continue to step 2. 

Take the Courses

Step 2: Complete a Lingraphica Device Demo

Once you have completed the three webinars, you need to schedule and attend a Lingraphica AAC device demo. We will send you an AAC device and schedule a 30-minute, hands-on demonstration with one of our SLP Clinical Educators.

Following completion of the device demo, you will be able to complete follow-up activities and be eligible to earn 0.2 CEUs.

Request a Device Demo

Step 3: Complete One Self-Study Course 

After you complete your device demo and associated coursework, you must complete the TalkPath Therapy Self-Study Course in the Lingraphica Learning Portal. This course is an excellent opportunity to learn the basics of TalkPath Therapy and put the knowledge into practice by working with your clients. This course requires you to report the time you spend using TalkPath Therapy and log a total of 7 hours of work.

Click the button below to access the course and materials.

Self Study Course

AAC Device Trial Self-Study (optional)

This course requires you to identify a client who would make a good candidate for a Lingraphica AAC device trial and subsequently conduct the trial alongside a Lingraphica Clinical Consultant. Note that you can submit a benefit check at any time during your LCP onboarding. Lastly, this course will require you to log between 8 and 24 hours.

Start a Benefits Check

That’s it! Once you’ve completed these three simple steps, you’re officially a Lingraphica Certified Technology Specialist.

Once you’ve completed all three steps, you must complete the form below to verify your completion and request your certificate.

Questions About The Lingraphica Certification Program?

Not sure what to do next? Want to discuss whether a specific client is a candidate for a device trial? Schedule a call with a member of our Clinical Program team.

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