Lingraphica® speech-generating devices (SGDs) are medical devices for which the primary purpose is functional communication.

As described by CMS (Medicare), features covered for the purpose of functional communication are generated speech, e-mail, text messages, and phone messages.

CMS (Medicare) and other insurance companies do not offer coverage, and will not pay for features, or support of features, that fall outside of this definition. As such, the beneficiary may be responsible for any costs associated with the addition of non-covered features to their Lingraphica® speech-generating device.

If you have just received a Lingraphica Communication device and are interested in unlocking it to access the internet, you will need to complete a few steps:

1. Sign our Unlocking Waiver and email it to, or mail it back to our headquarters
2. Schedule an appointment with our Tech Support team to unlock your device. This requires an internet connection. You can also pay the unlocking fee during this appointment.

Note: If an internet connection is not available or if the device is an older model, it may be necessary to send your device back to our headquarters to unlock it. We will send a box to your home address to ship the device back in free of charge.

Lingraphica provides free lifetime technical support for all speech-generating device related functionality, to ensure that users have a fully operational speech-generating device for the primary purpose of functional communication.

Installing additional, non-covered features, including connecting to the Internet for uses beyond the stated purpose of functional communication, may interfere with the operation and performance of the device as a speech-generating device. Any support for such additional, non-covered features may involve a fee for support services rendered, including the cost to ship the device.