Here are a few things to try if your device is not powering on.

1. Check to make sure your device is fully charged.

Devices need to charge with a Lingraphica charger for a minimum of 6 hours every day (or overnight) to achieve a full battery life. Additionally, we recommend you power down your device while it is charging. Lastly, make sure you are using the charger that was provided, per the image below.

2. Reboot with the power button.

Press and hold down the power button for an extended time of 30-40 seconds.


3. Reboot with both the lower volume and power buttons (TouchTalk and MiniTalk only).

Press and hold down the lower volume and power buttons at the same time for 30-40 seconds.


4. Check with Technical Support.

If the above steps don’t get the device to turn on, please reach out to the Technical Support team to help further troubleshoot this issue.  You can schedule a Tech Support appointment by visiting this link: