Breakthrough AAC: Taking the Next Step with AAC

Webinar Series

Lingraphica presents a comprehensive webinar series covering a range of topics from incorporating communication partners in AAC training to using AAC in culturally and linguistically diverse populations.

Featured Sessions

Better Together: Incorporating Communication Partners Into AAC Device Training

Communication partners can be an integral part to your client’s AAC success. Learn why and how to get them more involved in AAC device training. Featuring special guest host Audrey Holland, Ph.D., CCC-SLP.

Unpacking PPA, Treatment, and AAC Strategies

A diagnosis of Primary Progressive Aphasia can be devastating. Learn how to best use AAC with the PPA population including when to introduce it, how to organize the device, and using the device for voice recordings and as a digital memory book.

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Autism and Lingraphica AAC Devices: Considerations and Strategies

Learn when and how a Lingraphica AAC Device is a good choice for autism. We will address topics like programming AAC for pediatric clients, using the device for social stories, special considerations for stimming, echolalia, and sensory needs.

Improving Patient Outcomes through Interdisciplinary Collaboration and AAC

Learn how OTs and PTs can get involved in using and supporting AAC from incorporating AAC into sessions and assisting with elements like positioning and physical access.

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AAC in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations: Ethical and Clinical Considerations

Learn about using Lingraphica AAC with bilingual populations and in culturally diverse communities. We’ll cover topics like barriers to access and adoption, voice selection, vocabulary selection, and code switching.

Using AAC to Facilitate Tough Conversations

Learn about the SLP’s role in counseling and using AAC to communicate about situations such as mental health concerns, depression, abuse, police, intimacy, and more.

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About the Webinars

Can I earn ASHA CEUs?

Yes! Each webinar is worth 0.1 ASHA CEUs.

How long is each webinar?

Each webinar is one hour long.

Do I need to attend every webinar to get credit?

No! Attend whichever ones you want. You will gain credit (0.1) for each by attending and completing the associated learning assessments and course evaluations following the webinars.