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In our course on how to use Lingraphica AAC devices, apps, and therapy, Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) will learn about best practices in using Lingraphica high-tech AAC devices. We’ll explore key aspects, including:

    • performing basic operations and advanced techniques of a Lingraphica SGD
    • name and describe the free apps and online therapy program available to serve clients’ basic AAC needs
    • describe the ways Lingraphica provides support to clinicians, patients, and caregivers through specialized processes and programs

Lingraphica’s introductory course, “Using Lingraphica AAC Devices, Apps, and Therapy,” provides an overview of the scientific background behind the development of Lingraphica Speech Generating Devices. The unique design of our devices and icons is based on years of research about what best meets the needs of individuals who are neurologically impaired.

In this course, we will explore the methodologies behind the design of our therapy platform, as well as demonstrate how to identify the appropriate tools for functional communication and therapy for clients. We will demonstrate how to create icons and icon pages, as well as how to save customized communications users create on the device. These customizations are tailored to the individual users’ lives and interests, and ultimately facilitate purposeful and salient communication exchanges.

We will also describe the trial process, including how to determine areas of communication deficit and the preparation for the patient trial. The course also covers Medicare and insurance regulations and documentation of medical necessity for a SGD. SLPs will also receive guidance on best practices for monitoring patients’ progress and reports.

Finally, this course will delve into the many processes and programs through which Lingraphica offers support to the clinicians, caregivers, and people with neurological differences. We will explore the free apps and online therapy programs available to help target articulation of speech, language, cognition, and serve clients’ basic AAC needs. This course also discusses ways to use the therapy platform to broaden access to therapy services.

Using Lingraphica AAC Devices, Apps and Therapy

To learn more about getting started with Lingraphica AAC devices, watch our free CE course,
“Using Lingraphica AAC Devices, Apps and Therapy”.

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