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In our overview course on  Lingraphica’s available technology tools,  Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) will learn about advanced technologies used to support reducing impairments and training caregivers. We’ll explore key aspects, including:

    • application of technology tools for reducing impairment, compensating for impairment, and training purposes
    • describing “patient usability” when selecting technological tools for patient-clients
    • exploring four technologically advanced tools for patient-clients

Lingraphica’s course “Lingraphica Technologies for Your Plan of Care” provides SLPs with an overview of Lingraphica technologies and how they might fit into their clinical caseload and the clients that they work with. The course begins with an introduction to our Lingraphica Certification Program, which provides SLPs with in-depth, focused training in AAC with the aim to increase skills and round-out SLPs’ knowledge-base in all Lingraphica technologies.

To set the stage for everything we do at Lingraphica, we embrace the mindset of improving lives by allowing clients to participate in activities that are meaningful to them. In this course, we will discuss the Life Participation Approach to Aphasia (LPAA) and its role in Lingraphica’s technologies.

We will also explore different platforms for reducing and compensating for impairment. This course provides an overview of Lingraphica’s high-tech AAC devices, as well as the fundamental benefits of using a speech-generating device with clients. We will explore the specifics around prosthetic, orthotic, and therapeutic use, and provide examples of how to optimize the use of technology in therapy sessions.

We also provide an overview of Lingraphica’s trial process, including our eligibility and benefits check, working with a clinical consultant, and recommendation and placement of a device. Finally, we will discuss patient-client usability and training, as well as the importance of caregiver training. We break this down into five sections: hardware, software, caregiver support, tech support, and training. We understand that matching technology to a client’s needs is not going to be a one-size-fits-all approach, and we work with clinicians to determine the best fit for their client’s specific needs.

Lingraphica Technologies for Your Plan of Care

To learn more about Lingraphica’s different technology tools, watch our free CE course,
“Lingraphica Technologies for Your Plan of Care.”

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