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In our course on research examining SLP and Communication Partner training in AAC use, Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) will learn about the outcomes of survey research conducted to examine the level and quality of AAC training and support. We’ll explore key aspects, including:

    • describing how the level of AAC training completed by SLPs at the master’s level affects their self-perceived comfort level and competency to provide AAC services to both PWAs and their CPs
    • demonstrating understanding of the relationship between quality of communication partner training and support provided by SLPs and the overall successful use of speech-generating devices (SGDs) by PWAs
    • identifying how improved CP training for the primary communication partners of PWAs can improve SGD outcomes

Lingraphica’s course “Bridging the Gap: Quality of Communication Partner Training in AAC” discusses the impact that the level of AAC training SLPs and caregivers has on their self-perceived comfort level. We’ll further examine how an individual’s comfort level effects their competency to provide AAC training and services to clients and their communication partners.

In this course, we’ll draw a direct correlation between the quality of communication partner training and the overall success seen in PWAs using high-tech AAC devices. We begin by exploring the background and needs assessment process, which provides the foundation for further training. We also address a frequent hurdle that comes up with high-tech AAC: device abandonment. We examine some of the factors leading up to device abandonment and present ways to prevent this from occurring.

Studies show that on average fewer than 40% of SLPs completed a full-credit AAC course during their master’s program, and fewer than 10% felt that their master’s program prepared them to provide AAC services with patients. This course will explore these results, breaking down the findings of research studies done to gauge the relationship between AAC training in master’s programs and SLP’s comfort with using AAC with clients.

Finally, this course will describe Lingraphica’s solution to this lack of AAC training. Lingraphica’s New Customer Training Program includes basic skills training, functional customization to promote LPAA, and strategies for communication partners to employ when supporting a loved one’s use of the device. Following the initial training, we follow up by phone several times over a four-month period.

Bridging the Gap: Quality of Communication Partner Training in AAC

To learn more about the research behind AAC device training, watch our free CE course,
“Bridging the Gap: Quality of Communication Partner Training in AAC.”

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