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In our course on training communication partners in best practices for optimal AAC device use, Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) will learn about common myths associated with high-tech AAC device use as it applies to caregiver training. We’ll explore key aspects, including:

    • identifying three common objectives used to achieve successful communication exchanges
    • setting realistic goals for both patients and communication partners
    • providing home programming that facilitates incremental success and eventual achievement of communication goals

Lingraphica’s intermediate course, “An SLP’s Guide to Training Communication Partners in AAC Use,” begins by identifying common challenges that communication partners face when supporting a PWA with successful use of a communication device. We will also focus on identifying good candidates for high-tech AAC devices. SLPs have great intuition when it comes to identifying clients who would likely benefit from the use of high-tech AAC. We will focus on sharpening those skills, as well as improving the skills that lead to successful implementation.

We will focus on why good clients “don’t work out,” with emphasis on how to overcome common challenges including lack of communication partner support and lack of user motivation. We place an emphasis on education for both the PWA and the caregiver, with a focus on increasing comfort with technology across the board.

This course breaks down each of seven common myths associated with AAC use. These include AAC as a last resort, the fear of AAC stifling an individual’s verbal skills, and the need for prerequisite skills in order to qualify and/or benefit from AAC. We also discuss the concept of a hierarchy of AAC systems and the idea that a client should move through it, building on low-tech strategies prior to accessing high technology systems. We will explain why these myths exist and discuss why ultimately research has proven them to be unfounded.

Finally, we will explore what drives communication. We will also delve into functional assessments, both formal and informal, to be used when exploring high-tech communication solutions. These include areas of risk, present skills, and assessing varying levels of skill and success based on different interactions and situations. We will also offer practical implementation solutions for establishing goals and present research caregivers, communication changes, and SLP services. We will provide actionable steps to propel clients into communication, including training on multiple functions of Lingraphica AAC devices.

An SLP’s Guide to Training Communication Partners in AAC Use

To learn more about overcoming challenges and myths associated with caregiver training and communication device use, watch our free CE course,
“An SLP’s Guide to Training Communication Partners in AAC Use.”

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