Aphasia Research at Lingraphica

Our mission for Aphasia Research at Lingraphica is to improve communication, speech, and quality of life for individuals with speech and language impairments through research and evidence-based practice. 

Purpose for Aphasia Research at Lingraphica

The Research Team seeks to explore the opinions and outcomes of people with aphasia, caregivers, communication partners, and clinicians to influence, enhance, and establish our product offerings for the betterment of those who live with aphasia and other communicative disturbances. Scientific data will influence the development of programs that improve user experience. 

Aphasia Research

Meet the Research Team

Dr. Shawnise Carter, CCC-SLP.D

Shawnise joined Lingraphica in 2016. She has experience providing speech and language services to adults and children with a wide variety of concomitant disorders. She has over 12 years of experience and has worked in skilled nursing, home health, school, and private practice settings. Shawnise earned her BS and MS degrees in speech and hearing sciences from Tennessee State University and her Doctor of Speech-Language Pathology from Rocky Mountain University.

Dr. Richard Steele, PhD

Dr. Steele is an original founder of Lingraphica. As the company’s Chief Scientist, he is responsible for the Lingraphica’s treatment technology as well as the research on its effectiveness. Prior to founding Lingraphica, he was a Research Health Scientist at the Rehabilitation Research and Development Center of the Palo Alto VA Medical Center. He holds a BS in Physics from Stanford University and an MA and PhD in Slavic Languages and Linguistics from Harvard University. He holds three U.S. patents related to rehabilitation.

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