Stroke Victim Sees a Major Breakthrough with Her Communication Device

Nancy's breakthrough came thanks to her AAC device.Nancy is a social worker and dedicated equal rights advocate. With a passion to help others, she spent her career teaching at Fordham University in New York City. She also founded multiple organizations including a shelter for abused women and children, and Beyond Diversity, a national advocacy group for minorities. In 2001, doctors performed open heart surgery on Nancy. While in the recovery room, she had a stroke that resulted in aphasia.

“After Nancy’s stroke, it was a tough time,” said John King, Nancy’s husband. “She was always so articulate and witty, but immediately following the stroke she was reduced to a vocabulary of only four words.”

Nancy immediately began speech therapy but after six months, her insurance ran out. But that didn’t stop her from moving forward – she joined support groups and ultimately found a communication program at Montclair State University. For two years, she worked hard and taught herself how to read again. Eventually she found her way to the Adler Aphasia Center.

“I was able to communicate better at that point,” said Nancy, “but my big breakthrough came when I was introduced to Lingraphica’s communication device. That’s when I made my big leap forward with my speech.”

Nancy worked with a speech-language pathologist and decided on the Lingraphica AllTalk communication device. The laptop model was perfect for practicing speech at home with John. She also downloaded the SmallTalk app, which enabled her to sync her commonly used phrases with her AllTalk.

“It wasn’t long before I was using my SmallTalk app at doctors’ appointments, restaurants, and even shopping,” Nancy said with a smile. “I love the ability to carry my words with me.”

After five years using the AllTalk, Nancy’s insurance allowed her to upgrade to a new model and she now has the tablet-style TouchTalk device. Nancy also rekindled her passion for advocacy by speaking on behalf of people with aphasia. But Nancy’s biggest passion is her family – seven kids and adoring husband.

Lingraphica Can Help

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