The 2021 Aphasia Caregiver Report

Webinar Series

Watch the recordings of our two-part webinar series taking a deep dive into the 2021 Aphasia Caregiver Report. Highlights include special guests, insightful context, and important caregiver resources.

The 2021 Aphasia Caregiver Report: What We Learned

Speech-language pathologist Beth McHose joins in conversation with Customer Engagement Specialist Brian Zimmerman. They will take a deep dive into all that we learned about aphasia caregivers earlier this year and provide context for the specific social, emotional, and physical toll that caregivers of those with aphasia experience. This session was recorded live on July 21, 2021.

The 2021 Aphasia Caregiver Report: Finding Help

In part two, Beth McHose joins with special guest Medical Social Worker Christina Hairston, they will discuss how to find resources and assistance that may be available to caregivers to improve quality of life and care for their loved one with aphasia.

More Resources for Aphasia Caregivers

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