The Only AAC Device with Built-In Therapy

It’s now easier than ever to practice improving your speech right on your Lingraphica AAC device. While other devices only focus on day-to-day communication, Lingraphica AAC devices offer both communication and built-in therapy so that you can continue to improve your speech on your own, whether you are seeing a speech therapist or not.

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Practice the Things That Matter to You

Share the stories that matter, practice ordering your favorite meal, train your dog to sit, or simply repeat your loved ones’ names. Lingraphica AAC devices allow you to practice the words and phrases that are relevant to you.

  • Repeat words and phrases
  • Playback to hear how you did
  • Practice telling stories

We’ll personalize the device for you before you receive it, so you’ll be ready to practice the things that matter the most the moment you power your device on.

Exercise Language and Communication Skills

Use any one of thousands of exercises designed to enhance reading comprehension, writing skills, and build or rebuild vocabulary at varying levels of difficulty. Practice activities that support daily living.

Perform exercises that are assigned to you by your speech therapist or practice those same exercises on your own and keep track of your progress.

Los dispositivos Lingraphica funcionan con Hub

Todos los dispositivos Lingraphica funcionan con Hub y ofrecen cuatro formas de expresarse. Hub es una nueva solución integral que brinda comunicación, terapia y comunidad en una plataforma simple. Permite a las personas con diversas necesidades de comunicación expresarse y conectarse con el mundo que los rodea. A través de cuatro aplicaciones nuevas e innovadoras, los usuarios pueden crear fácilmente tarjetas para expresar sus pensamientos y necesidades en Talk, crear mensajes sobre la marcha en Type, comunicarse visualmente en Draw y mirar hacia atrás con sus seres queridos en Media.

Watch and Practice Alongside Hundreds of Videos

Follow along to hundreds of practice videos that show you how to position your tongue, mouth, and jaw to make specific sounds and form words and sentences.

A Source of Daily News and Quizzes

Get the latest news from around the world spanning a breadth of topics like business, education, entertainment, history, health and lifestyle, science and technology, and more.

The stories are read out loud and highlighted so you can easily follow along, and a comprehension quiz is provided after every article.

Libre de intentar. Sin obligación de compra. Soporte de por vida.

Pruebe un dispositivo en casa

We’ll send you a device to try from the comfort of home. Work with your speech therapist or ours to decide if it’s right for you. There’s no obligation to purchase.

Amplia cobertura de seguro

Covered by Medicare, commercial insurance, and others. We also offer financial assistance for out-of-pocket expenses.

Una vida de apoyo

El dispositivo es simple y fácil de usar. Pero si alguna vez necesita ayuda, estamos disponibles para responder preguntas y brindar capacitación para que pueda aprovechar más su dispositivo.

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