Programa de Certificación Lingraphica para Estudiantes

Welcome to the Lingraphica Student Certification Program! We’re glad you’re here. This program has been created especially for graduate students to prepare you for working with Lingraphica’s technologies in your clinical placements and careers. By completing this program, you’ll gain knowledge and confidence in our technologies and their clinical implementation. Not only that, you’ll also be joining the Lingraphica community with the opportunity to network with practicing SLPs. Plus, it can be a nice addition to a résumé.

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Paso 1

If you haven’t had a live webinar presented to your class, get started by watching this webinar and device demo. If you have previously attended a live Lingraphica webinar that was presented to your university class this semester, you can skip to step 2.

Paso 2

Observe a Conexiones virtuales session.

  • Create an account on the Portal de aprendizaje Lingraphica. Choose “Student” when creating your account. You will not register for your session at this point.
  • Email and request to observe a Virtual Connections session.
    A VC Team member will send you a list of sessions to choose from. Please request a session no fewer than 5 days out so we can get you scheduled and enrolled.
  • Once you have chosen a session, reply to the email with the session you’d like to observe as well as the email address that you used to create your account.
    Please do not enroll yourself in a session, as this will take a slot away from a member with aphasia. Instead, we will add you to the session from our end and notify you.
    NOTE: We enroll manually, so please pick a session no less than 5 business days out. We cannot guarantee enrollment to any session with less than 5 business days notice.
  • When it is time to observe the session, please arrive on time so as not to disrupt the session once it has started.
    Keep your microphone muted and camera off. Please change your Zoom name to “name – observer.” This way the session facilitator knows that you are not a member with aphasia.

Paso 3

Complete the TalkPath News/TalkPath Therapy project. You can find that aquí. Once you have completed that, you’ll upload your work aquí.

Paso 4

Complete a 30 minute device customization demo with one of our Clinical Educators.  Links are below to register for a session. Please note that if you would like us to send a demo device for you to use during the demo (optional), you will need to schedule a demo at least 2 weeks in advance. Please email program coordinator, Beth McHose, at to request a device. Include your name, date of demo, and an address for shipping*.
(*Devices must be signed for upon delivery)

Tuesdays at 9:30 a.m. ET
Wednesdays at 12:00 p.m. ET
Thursdays at 5 p.m. ET

Step 5

Wrapping everything up. We will be sending out your Certificate of Completion. From here, you can attend & participate in optional Clinical Rounds sessions:

   •   Clinical Rounds are informal, optional Zoom sessions where practicing SLPs come together to discuss their experiences with Lingraphica technologies, talk about clinical scenarios, and more. Sessions are held at varying times throughout each month. You will receive the invitation after you’ve completed the online coursework.

   •   Please complete the program survey to give us your feedback (link will be sent upon completion of all required program elements).

Keep in touch! As you approach graduation and start your career, we want to hear from you. By completing the student certification program, you’re on the fast track to becoming a Especialista en tecnología certificado por Lingraphica with just one additional step: completing a device trial with a patient. Lingraphica Certified Technology Specialists are eligible to keep a Lingraphica AAC device on hand at all times.

Any time you have questions along the way, please reach out to Beth McHose, program manager! Enviar un correo electrónicoo reservar un tiempo para charlar.

Beth McHose, MS Ed, CCC-SLP

Clinical Education Manager


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