dos mujeres sentadas, teniendo una conversación feliz

9 señales de que podría beneficiarse de un dispositivo de comunicación

Los dispositivos de comunicación son herramientas simples pero poderosas que pueden ayudar a eliminar las barreras de comunicación y permitir que las personas con afecciones relacionadas con el habla participen en la vida de maneras que les importen. Aquí hay nueve señales comunes de que usted o un ser querido podrían beneficiarse de un dispositivo de comunicación. ¡Descubra si se beneficiaría de un dispositivo! Llevar…

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The Aphasia Community Remembers Audrey Holland

Lingraphica joins the thousands of those in our community who are mourning the loss of aphasia pioneer and legend Audrey Holland. Audrey’s accomplishments and contributions to the field of aphasia cannot be understated. Her whole-person approach to aphasia revolutionized treatment, influencing mainstream care and improving countless lives. Audrey was an absolute authority on aphasia. And…

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6 Tips To Traveling With Aphasia Like A Pro

Whether for business, leisure, or an event, travel takes us out of our comfort zones and pushes us to experience new things. After an aphasia diagnosis, traveling might sound more demanding than it once was. But with a few tips from us, you can set yourself up for travel success. Prep Your AAC Device For…

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Virtual Connections Aphasia Running Club Completes A Virtual Race

Virtual Connections, an online meetup community for people with aphasia, offers many engaging sessions on a regular basis. These consistent meetups have fostered a wonderful sense of community for many groups, including the Speaking in Stride Aphasia Running Club. This virtual running club has been meeting bi-monthly for over a year and welcomes runners and…

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image collage of Bruce Willis, David Hollowell, and Alyssa Fox

Aphasia News Roundup Winter 2022-23

Lingraphica Launches Aphasia Community The Aphasia Community is a safe space for people with aphasia and their loved ones to connect with others, learn about aphasia, and grow together. Register for a free account at today. Visit the Aphasia Community Bruce Willis Health Update Shared by Family The family of recently retired actor Bruce…

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Alyssa, her mom, and her friend in front of the Mothman statue

Aphasia Documentary Star Shares One-Year Update

If you’ve seen Lingraphica’s aphasia documentary series, Their Words, then you’ll remember meeting Alyssa Fox. Shortly after turning 20 years old, Alyssa had a massive stroke. She couldn’t walk or talk, but after years of physical, speech, and occupational therapy, she’s writing the rest of her story. We recently had a chance to check in…

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Aphasia Art & Poetry From Virtual Connections Interview

Virtual Connections is proud to announce the release of the Aphasia Art & Poetry Book! This book was created by people with aphasia in the Speaking Poetry Virtual Connections Group. Speaking Poetry began in October 2020. Mark Harder, a person with aphasia and Virtual Connections member, asked to help run a poetry session with Dr.…

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hand holding voting envelope

Preparing For Election Day With A Communication Impairment

As the midterm elections in the United States approach, people around the nation are making their Election Day plans. On Tuesday, November 8, Americans will head to the polls to cast their votes and exercise their constitutional rights. Some of those people will have aphasia or other speech or language impairments. Disability can profoundly affect…

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John Fetterman y su esposa Gisele Barreto

Entendiendo la afasia y John Fetterman

El martes 25 de octubre, los candidatos al Senado John Fetterman y Mehmet Oz se enfrentaron en un debate televisado. Fetterman sufrió un derrame cerebral en mayo de este año, y el debate del martes puso de manifiesto sus efectos posteriores al derrame cerebral. La política no siempre saca lo mejor de nosotros. En las redes sociales, muchos se apresuraron a juzgar la decisión de Fetterman...

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