Improve Your Communication and Speech With a Lingraphica Device

For stroke or brain injury survivors and other communication impairments.

Understanding the Brain,
Strokes, and Aphasia

Our team hosts live webinars to help stroke survivors and their families gain a better understanding of the brain, strokes, and aphasia — all you have to do is register!

Happy senior couple planning for reading on a laptop at home

“This device has so much to offer, they have a great support system with so many benefits.
We have just gotten the device are are very excited to put it to use.”

– Caregiver of a device user

Communication, Therapy, and More

Communicate in five different ways. Improve your speech and comprehension through a series of activities, videos, and quizzes. Connect with others online or bring the device wherever you go.

Try A Device at Home or With Your Speech Therapist

We’ll send a device, at no cost to you, to try from the comfort of home. Work with your speech therapist or ours to decide if it’s right for you. There’s no obligation to purchase.

Most People Pay Nothing for a Device

We are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, VAs, commercial insurance, and others. We also offer financial assistance for out-of-pocket expenses. In fact, 97% of our device users paid nothing.

Beyond Communication Devices

Lingraphica AAC communication devices are great for improving communication and speech. But if you’re not quite ready for one, we offer communication and therapy apps you can try right away.

See if a Lingraphica AAC Device Is Right for You or a Loved One

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